Rules of the lottery

Sale stop
of lottery tickets

  • -- Days
  • -- Hours
  • -- Minutes
  • -- Seconds
Tickets sold: 196
Prize fund: 17.38
$ 2 132.35
  • Tickets The cost of 1 ticket: 0.1 ETH
    Per transaction can be bought up to 250 tickets
    Purchase of additional tickets - possible
    More tickets - higher chance of winning!
  • Prize draw Will take part on the New Year's Eve - January the 1st 2019
    From 0:00 UTC on, the blockchain network will randomly determine the winning numbers from all tickets sold and distribute the complete prize fund between all players taking part in the lottery
  • Prize fund distribution 1 Lucky Beggar - JACKPOT of 10% of the prize fund
    5 lucksters will share 5% of the prize fund
    10% of winning tickets will share 35% of the prize fund
    50% of the prize fund will be distributed between other partakers as consolation prizes - thus guaranteeing the refund of around 50% of ticket purchase cost

Funds distribution

Ticket sale

  • 85-90 % Prize fund
  • 10 % Promotion
  • 5 % Referals *
  • *if no payout has been claimed,
    5% are channeled to the prize fund

from the prize fund

  • 10 % Jackpot

    1 ticket

  • 5 % 1st prize

    5 tickets

  • 35 % 2nd prize

    10% of all tickets

  • 50 % Partaker consolation prize

    All other tickets


Play Fair and transparent game Have you ever asked yourself why in traditional lotteries so many numbers are drawn - but there are very few actual winners? The answer is easy: Because during preparation for a prize draw, the software distributes numbers on the tickets so as to keep your chance of winning as low as possible.

SmarLotto determines winning ticket numbers completely randomly, based on the hash of one of the first blocks of the Ethereum Network on the New Year's Eve. This fully precludes the possibility of manipulating the game results.

Because of the open smart contract with ownership forfeit it uses, SmartLotto is the most transparent lottery platform. Each player has insight into the game's logic and the algorithms it uses - and check any prize draw transaction.

Only Your luck will make you the winner!
Cash in Easy funds payout Cashing in the prize is subject to different rules in each country - and can sometimes take more than one year in case of a particularly big sum. This is accompanied by lottery ticket verification, person identification and different fees that have to be paid into different budgets and can be as high as 50% of the prize sum, depending on the country and state.

Say, in the U.S.A the payout of a lottery prize can take up to 29 years, while fees to pay into the federal budget alone are as high as 30% - and there are also state budget and municipal taxes.

The smart contract logic of SmartLotto carries out prize payouts instantly to any part of the globe, without any interference by third parties or any form of verification. All that is required of you is to make a zero transaction (ETH 0.00) to the contract address and Your prize money is in your wallet!
The lottery commission fee is 20% of the prize sum and is to pay only for each winning ticket, which is no more than 9% of the prize fund.
Save No one loses in our game Those who play lotteries, bingo and megabucks believe in their dream and keep their hope of winning the jackpot while only spending a non-substantial part of their family budget in the process. However, buying more and more tickets for each prize draw over the years, they end up having spent quite a sum for nothing.

SmartLotto changes the rules of the game by refunding the players around 50% of the purchase cost of the non-winning tickets as a consolation prize.
Trust Safe and anonymous Blockchains are the most secure digital technology, where all possible transactions are transparent and free to verify for anyone interested - and the network cannot be hacked and its data content changed, because the information is stored on millions of computers simultaneously. Therefore there is no need to worry that the prize draw conditions can be changed on the fly, the draw results can be subject to any manipulation whatsoever or the prize fund can vanish: Such things are not possible when a smart contract is used.

A lottery win means not only great luck but also big money not everyone needs to know of. Playing traditional lottery games confidentially is impossible. Personal identification is a must to claim prize money - and there are also lotteries that require you to play the main role in an ad video.
There is nothing like that in our game! There are no data on partakers and prizes. Only the wallet owner knows of their success!
Take risks Every 10th ticket is a winning ticket Those who play traditional lotteries often waste no thought on their chances of winning and don't even consider lotteries as gambling. They just buy some tickets "for spare change" or for a fixed sum they can afford losing thout a second thought - all the while developing and keeping hope, faith in the possibility to win - each week, month, year...

This is what trasditional lotteries cash in on - because the chance of winning is often one in eight millions or even worse!

It's much easier with SmartLotto - there are always 10% or more winning tickets in each draw!
Win Prize fund of up to 90% of revenues It's extremely rare for normal lotteries to devote to the prize fund any sum greater than 50% or 60% of ticket sale revenue.
The rule of thumb is a prize fund of half the ticket sale revenue.

SmartLotto, on the other hand, is a fair and transparent lottery the main goal of which is to be interesting to the players - and what can add more drive to a lottery than its prize fund? Only the resulting prize sums worthy of the players!
That's why the SmartLotto prize fund is the largest possible with up to 90% of ticket sale revenues.
Earn money Invite friends The partnership program of SmartLotto allows anyone interested to earn money by selling lottery tickets.

The rules are most simple and transparent:
1. Receive a partner link
2. Send the link to Your friends, partners and acquaintances
3. Receive 5% of the price of the tickets purchased through Your partner (referral) network

The more players, the bigger the prize fund and the prize sums - and the more drive in the game!

Affiliate program

  • Earn money together with us SmartLotto allows its partners to earn money on sales of lottery tickets.
    You don't have to wait for the prize draw to get your part of revenue from ticket sales - Your bonus of 5% of the price of the tickets purchased by Your partners will be transferred to you right after their payment.
  • How to become a partner Generate Your personal partner, or referral, link. To do so, press "Become a partner" in the form on the right. In the window that pops up, insert Your Ethereum wallet into the field provided. Send the link You received to all acquaintances, friends, partners - and invite them to try their luck in SmartLotto.
    The more partners, the more You earn!
  • How to claim Your bonus For You to receive Your bonus, Your partners must specify Your ETH wallet in the "DATA" field when buying lottery tickets.

Partner bonus

  • 5%
  • of the tickets price

Your referral link:


Further information

1. Registering a wallet

To register an Ethereum wallet, go to any of the links below and follow the instructions on the site.
We recommend using only safe Ethereum wallets and have prepared for you a list that we trust:
To charge your ETH wallet you can use the services of any exchanges. You can always look up trusted exchanges and the best rates via the BestChange service:

2. Tickets purchase

To buy Your lottery tickets, all you have to do is send the corresponding sum - 0.1ETH per ticket - to the address of the SmartLotto contract: Recommended GAS for transaction: 200000. Have you made a payment the sum of which cannot be spent on tickets completely? You will receive the change. For example, if you paid 0.21ETH, the purchase of 2 tickets will be concluded, and 0.01ETH will be returned to the wallet from which the payment originated. Please keep in mind that the purchase of lottery tickets is only possible from personal Ethereum wallets. Never, ever buy lottery tickets via marketplaces, exchanges and the like - use only Your personal wallets!
Sum Tickets Date Block TxHash
0.20 2 17:36 31.12 6986972 0x5a169413ff2e0bc2409e49f7b60b298c4b37afa7ffd85775264d40845b9f256d
1.00 10 13:52 31.12 6986096 0xfca6393f802dcbe9fc8cebb719ea423584afcef2838ee25d0cc5db1d0fa7f3ef
0.10 1 11:23 31.12 6985511 0xb264eb9a85f3798b8376050f32fb7b72c1a537809d0c0c679a18f5563a64ea55
0.10 1 14:55 30.12 6980414 0x7ff1c6455573fbe8009da178bde751012a8d22cd2b7d1e39aeaf267ee58065e4
0.10 1 09:48 30.12 6979188 0x61bdb077146e1f70fae031139e266bcdbb9c5cc11fd19afd4b35300256144505
0.10 1 08:05 30.12 6978814 0x52e53c6189826d3b6dc8005fee180c0ba3feedbf0347455c6df77ed8223a7c3f
0.10 1 22:26 29.12 6976384 0xab3c2605da0009c7920cc6564056576b3c4fa95f667e3f792b8960a7ba9787ec
0.20 2 20:10 29.12 6975808 0x90b6307de2dec1230e724863c4833e4cb23c621014e7c21f2adc9bbbda59730c
0.10 1 19:46 29.12 6975732 0xc1774efe8ec82468b3ad1adfb1033a5b7f6487208b38d50e958ea430f7801dee
0.30 3 15:11 28.12 6968619 0x7629f1df83b5ec25c5e87f99a73b5a3f3757bb9293efe0de3f3257df889108a9
0.10 1 09:17 25.12 6949433 0x733938ea419689c52df54c67a5fec5707ecfc7eb72a524774d516f456f517bce

1. Wait for the prize draw to take place

The SmartLotto prize draw will commence on January the 1st 2019 at 0:00 UTC. The blockchain network will randomly determine the winning numbers based on Ethereum block hashes. The prize draw has the following order: Ordering the payout of funds, be it an actual prize or a consolation prize, is possible only after the complete prize fund has been allocated.

2. Order the payout of Your funds

To order Your payout, send a payment of 0ETH to the SmartLotto contract address: Recommended GAS for transaction: 200000 After this, the smart contract will send the funds allocated to You to Your Ethereum wallet. Please keep in mind that a commission fee of 20% of the prize sum is automatically charged by SmartLotto staff from prizes allocated to winning tickets, in common that is no more than 9% of the prize pool. Funds not claimed for payout within a three month's notice (before April 1st 2019) will be instead irreversibly claimed by the SmartLotto staff.